What Trump's Pardon Means To Lil Wayne and Kodak

The former president of the United States didn't spend his last day at the White house idle. He made a series of highly controversial decisions that included granting presidential pardons to Lil Wayne and Kodak Black. The decision sparked a social media debate. However, who says Trump cares about such arguments.

Wayne pleaded guilty to have illegally carried a gold plated .45-caliber glock handgun and ammunition as a felon while traveling on a private jet last year. The 38-year-old pleaded guilty before a Miami court in December 2020. The rap star may have dodged a bullet in what is likely to be a 10-year sentence waiting to be passed on January 28. Although cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana were found on his private jet in December 2019, Wayne was not charged for drug offenses.

Unlike Wayne, Kodak was serving a 46-year prison sentence for falsifying information on federal documents to buy guns in November 2019. Although he has a pending case for sexual assault, which could elongate his prison sentence, Kodak may not have been found guilty.

Trump granted a full pardon to Lil Wayne and commuted the prison sentence for Kodak Black, sighting their philanthropic contributions and statements from major brands describing the artistes as good-hearted men.