Canadian-born artist Abel Makonnen Tesfaye, popularly referred to as "The Weeknd," has hinted to fans about his plans to release a new album. 🤩

The three-time Grammy award winner rolled out four tweets on his Twitter account on Tuesday morning, which seem to be referring to his preparation for his new album.

"What is real," "made so much magic in the small quarantinedroom," "nothing's ever random," " now just piecing it all together."

The Weeknd first suggested he was working on a new album last year September. However, he was bent on releasing the album after the lockdown was over. 😬

"I might have another album ready to go after this quarantine is over. I'm guilty of wanting to outdo my last album, but it's never like, I've got to do the same type of song. I'm so happy I'm not like that. My palette is so wide." The Canadian artist said last year.

It is understood that the pop star may have decided to take extra caution considering he's asthmatic, a condition that could become complicated with any contact with COVID-19.