The world was in shock after the news of Earl's death two weeks ago at the New York White Plains Hospital, where the hip hop star suffered a heavy heart attack. 😢💔

His red casket was paraded around the two venues where his memorial service was held on Saturday and Sunday. However, the family and friends of the rap star were comforted by the news that the New York State Senate has officially recognized December 18, DMX's birthday, as Earl DMX Simmons day.👏🏽🙌🏽

The move followed the rap star's recognition on the Senate flooras Senator Jamal Bailey read out his lyrics in the House after co-sponsoring the resolution. The senator also delivered his eulogy of the pop artist.

"In New York, we have our own Hip Hop royalty. He's the Earl of Westchester county. He is DMX, he is one of the greatest Hip Hop artists that we will ever know. Phenomenal actor, phenomenal for the culture. Someone who gave us so much in the Hip Hop generation. As a kid who's been raised by Hip Hop, I'm grateful not just for the accomplishments that DMX has given, but I'm more happy about the impact that Earl Simmons left on the world. May he rest in peace and may his memory be a blessing." Senator Bailey acknowledges DMX's impact.