Rah Ali Claims Ari Fletcher Has Been Cheating On BF MoneybaggYo

Reality TV star, Rah Ali, and Instagram model, Ari Fletcher, have been going at it. They have been at each each other's necks all over social media.

The drama all started when Rah, who's the owner of the blog, Onsite, decided to post Ari. Ari tweeted out this:

”I'm a really sweet girl with good intentions. I just end up in bad situations sometimes and it forces me to get out of character to protect myself from getting F‘d over.“.

The onsite blog reposted this on their Instagram account along with a photo and the caption, “Ari is tired of being misunderstood. Hashtag clique y’all can relate?”.

For some reason that I do not know, this ticked Ari off and she commented under that post, “No, I'm not what the f are y'all talking about“.

According to Ari her comments were being blocked because she decided to direct message aka ‘DM‘ the page and say this:

Things continued to escalate because Ari got so furious that she decided to no longer DM the blog but publicly state the following with full confidence in the comment section of the on-site blog:

Rah Ali did not immediately address Ari but she did verbally address her fans, publicly,on her platform. (See video below)

In a tweet via her Twitter account, Rah tweeted out the following:

Ari Fletcher decided to share on social media that she bought sneakers for her young fans who recognized her.

The Onsite blog that Rah Ali runs decided to post this and they made accusations that it was all staged and was a setup to make up for what Ari stated about trying to get the baby out of Rah. The blog even went so far as sharing the conversation the blog had with the two fans, saying that it was stated to them that an older cousin of one of the boys revealed the entire scene was staged.

So here's where things begin to escalate even further. Rah has just dropped a bomb and made some serious accusations!

She stated that Ari is cheating on her boyfriend, rapper, Moneybagg Yo with Rah Ali’s ex- boyfriend.

Now, it appears to be a move based off of spite after Ari‘s cruel statements about Rah’s unborn child. However, we don't know. These are the accusations at hand, but y'all check this out for yourself. (see video below)

So that seems to be the accusations that Rah Ali is placing on Ari Fletcher!

Rah claims that she's one way behind the scenes and a whole different way in the public with her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo.

Something that I did notice is that, the person that was next to Rah in the audio seemed to be someone close to her who knows the actual details. This person seems to be in complete shock. Not in a way that they’re overwhelmed, but more so, in complete disbelief as if they thought that what she was stating were full, blown out lies. It was all in the tone for me, but that's just my thoughts.

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