Producer of BabyBoy, Tamara Bass, Explains Criticism On Black Actresses – “Not Sexy Enough”

Hollywood beauty standards have become questionable when black actresses started revealing how they were discriminated against on the basis of their skin color. Male actresses also revealed how they were not preferred for casting in the main role. Tamara Bass in a recent interview revealed how Black women were discriminated against.

Tamara Bass is an actress, writer, and director. She is a co-director, writer, and star of the movie If Not Now, When?

She shared her experience that she started in the industry when WB was one of the giants of Hollywood and that’s when she realized that she wasn’t WB pretty. Bass further revealed that she had curly hair and had brown skin, but she was categorized as Black. She said that she was repeatedly told that she is not beautiful enough, she wasn’t pretty enough, she wasn’t sexy enough.

Bass revelation has started a debate once again about Hollywood discrimination against people of color. It is shocking as well as sad. While the Multinationals and Giant corporations are learning, adapting, and normalizing diversity at the workplace. Tamara Bass also stated that she believes that now is the time when Hollywood should normalize diversity. She said that the most surprising thing is that the Black people in Hollywood also don’t prefer Black people in the industry. She was saying that to end this stereotypical behavior, our community needs to be more accepting of Black people. She said that we cannot complain about mainstream Hollywood when the Black community itself is not giving chance to the black people.

She said that why women of color are not lovable? Why the same or the same types of women are showed to be the centerof men’s love interest.

Her latest film If Not Now, When? Is breaking the Hollywood stereotype and has four leading ladies? Every lead character is special in their own way as they have different hairstyles, personalities, and most of all body types. Both non-coloredand colored people can find something to relate to in these characters.

The pain every black actor/actress has to go through due to lack of acceptance is beyond words. A woman who was told she wasn’t pretty enough is so confident and passionate that makes you think why would someone not find her attractive or sexy.

Well, Bass's explanation about this discriminatory behaviorgoes way back to history. She knows that the explanation she gave is a taboo answer but she says that our mind has been programmed this way due to the history we had. She said that the black men were slaves working in the field, while the white-skinned stayed at home and had a better life.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and every person is beautiful in their own way. There should not be a scale or standards to measure beauty, and Tamara Bass holds the same opinion.