Nas Diss Doja Cat In New Song And This Happens

Singer/rapper,Doja Cat, was just at the peak of her career and hit the number one spot on the charts until all of that came to an end when she was considered, “canceled”, after a video resurfaced of her speaking ill about black people and, allegedly, allowing white people to do the same.

People then begin to dig up old tweets about her talking ill about herself as a black woman and this led to her being considered cancelled amongst the internet and the black community.

Doja Cat is over party‘,became a trending topic on Twitter.

After being the number one topic and being overwhelmed with the amount of backlash that she has received on social media, Doja Cat was forced to speak out. The, ‘Say So’, singer tried to apologize and explain herself, but that didn't go over well.

Fortunately for her the, ‘Doja Cat is over party’, had to be put on pause as the world experienced two pandemics.

The black community did not forget to reach back out to Doja Cat to remind her, “we ain't forget about you“,every time she spoke.

Doja Cat finally responded to the ongoing reminder during a session on her Instagram live by firing back, “it’s people saying we ain’t forget. Good don't forget, because that's my plan is for you not to forget. I'm here to stay. I'll make sure you remember!”.

Hip-hop legend, Nas decided to make sure that we don't forget about the Doja Cat is over party when he named dropped her in his new song titled, ‘Ultra Black’.

This had the internet going crazy as it became a trending topic on the internet, all together, and the fans were at each other's necks!

Some people confused Nas for Lil Nas X.😂🤦🏽‍♀️

The only clownery I see is confusing Lil Nas X for Nas, but we're moving on!

People began to drag Doja Cat even further by digging up old pictures and slamming her for her looks.

Doja Cat wasn't the only one receiving heat, Nas got it too!

Twitter brought up the fact that Nas had a toxic relationship with his ex-wife Kelis. Someone tweeted out this:

Whew child this is too much!

We hope things get better for Doja Cat! 🙏🏾