Wendy Williams dominated the headlines last week when she released some revelations about her past in her biopic.

The controversial radio star made allegations of abuse against Eric B, her former boyfriend.

Wendy Williams went further to mention that she had to abort her pregnancy for the pop star. This allegation garnered social media attention.

Wendy also used the opportunity to hit out at Method Man with her alleged one-night stand with the star.🍵👀

The accusation triggered a response from Method Man's wife, Tamika Smith.

On her Instagram page, Smith said, "For years, I kept my silence while Wendy Williams launched constant verbal attacks against my husband, myself, and our family. In the past, I ignored her lies, innuendos, and blatant attempts to provoke us. But Wendy has proven again and again that she is incapable of any decency. Her obsession with our lives has reached a new low...".

Smith continued her attack by claiming Williams never apologized for disclosing her medical status during her live broadcast on radio. Hitting at the controversial talk show host, Smith said, "Over the years, these issues have made her increasingly ugly, both inside and out. And no amount of plastic surgery can fix the ugliness."

It's unlikely if Wendy will respond to the attacks, considering her long history of stirring controversial issues.