American rapper and songwriter Method Man has voiced his reservations about modern rappers' wealth in the music industry. The Grammy award winner expressed his opinion in an interview with Matt Hoffa, which made waves on social media on Thursday.

In the interview, Method Man said, "We're in the era now where these kids, they get more money than I can't imagine. I couldn't imagine... I still ain't taking private jets, and I think I earned that. Where they getting this money? I wanna know. Like they got a deal or some shit.

No fucking way that they flying private jet, like that money long as fuck because we're talking a minimum of 30 grand...where are they getting this money from, I need that hustle!"

Although Hoffa tried convincing him that the private jets are rented, and there are more streams of income such as shows and streams, Method Man appeared unconvinced by the explanations. He replied: "...where'd you get this fucking money? I just wanna know. It boggles my muthafuckin mind."

The legendary songwriter might have had modern rappers like Travis Scott in mind during the interview. Still, contemporary artists' diverse opportunities may have opened the door for better finances.


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