Kanye West Sued by E-Commerce Company for Allegedly Stealing Tech

Early July, Kanye West turned up the heat on the race for the United States' presidential seat. He made his intentions known via his Twitter handle. And several big shots in the country have expressed their supports for his dream. However, pitted with great political moguls like Joe Biden, Howie Hawkins, Jo Jorgensen, and the current US president, Donald Trump, Kanye's aspiration to become the next US president is stacked against major odds.

Now, West’s major challenge is the US$20million damages MyChannel is seeking from him and his clothing line, Yeezy Apparel. The allegation is that West hired the company for six months in 2018 to maximize his revenue from Yeezy Apparel. However, it appears he failed to pay. MYC claims it put in up to 10,000 hours of work and an investment totaling up to $7million. The allegation's major concern is that West may have promised MYC a $10million future investment he has defaulted from. The suit claims West made a lot of promises he never intended to keep and stole technology that he uses for his Sunday Service concert.

Amid late entry to the campaign race, being matched together with highly placed figures in America, and this lawsuit, West’spresidential campaign ship might just be sinking very close to the ocean's bottom.