Multiple times Grammy award winner Kanye West is not a new subject of controversy.

Kanye has a controversial reputation for walking off the MTV awards stage and giving his verdicts irrespective of the awards' winners.

However, things seem to have taken a new turn. Kanye's humbling defeat at the elections has been followed by rumors of his divorce from Kim Kardashian. 💔

Despite his recent travails, the highly-rated pop star has been slammed with two charges premised on performers' alleged mistreatment for his Sunday Service shows in 2019.

According to Page Six reports, the pop icon was alleged to have violated the California labor laws by not paying employees on time and failing to grant them a comfortable work condition, including denying them meals and bathroom breaks.

The Sun reported that the lawsuit might cost Kanye about a $30 million payout considering the increasing number of plaintiffs. The suit was based on Kanye's well-decorated "Nebuchadnezzar Opera," filmed at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl in November 2019.