Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Let Go Of A Toxic Friendship

1. It's fine to go your separate ways

Breaking up with a friend hurts so much. It's normal to wish your friendship will last forever. But you know they aren't right for you and as you can move on from a romantic partner, moving on from a friendship is ok. Personal growth makes you lose some people anyway.

2. Concentrate on other healthy relationships you have

I know for some time, your friend lingers in your mind but you should not think about them. You should focus on other healthy relationships you have and show gratitude for having them. Before you know it, you'll heal.

3. Don't let bitterness overcome you

At a stage after the breakup, anger can stir up hate. You feel they should be loyal to you but I'll tell you this now, let the bitterness go!

Holding onto bitterness can damage you. Forgive your ex-friend for all the hurt they put you through and free yourself from guilt.

4. Stop expecting an apology

You might wish your friend would reach out to you and apologize for offending you. But do you really think someone who treated you badly while you were friends will apologize to you? Even if they apologize, you can't be too sure they will stop hurting you.

Stop hoping that friend would come back to tell you they are sorry for hurting you or else you'll only end up hurting yourself more.

Finding yourself in a toxic friendship sucks. But breaking up with a friend for mistreating you is a big deal. Do not make a hasty decision about your friendship; study your friends, watch the pattern and if they are truly toxic then it's time to move forward.