Four Signs That Show He's Not That Into You

It's frustrating when you don't know if that guy is into you, right? Yes, I totally understand.

It's hard because you are either thinking "should I let him make the first move?" But the truth is, waiting for him to make the first move might turn out to be sad. You might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Then you wonder, "maybe I should make the move? Who knows? He might be shy!" But if that's the issue then why doesn't he text you back? You keep showing him you like him but he's not responding.

Have you wondered maybe he's not into you?

You're in luck! I've put together the signs you need to watch out for!

Four Signs That Show He's Not That Into You:

1. He doesn't texts or call you first

I know the truth hurts but this is a major sign that he doesn't romantically like you. When a gig is crazy about you, he texts or calls you constantly–not in a stalker kind of way but he wants to talk to you.

Most times, if he's not a stalker, he restrains himself from contacting you but he still finds a way to contact you first. It just feels good to him.

2. He flirts with other girls

Sadly, you are making the wrong choice if you fall for a guy like this. It's normal to become curious about a man who's been flirting with you because chatting with him feels good and so many questions fill your head, "does he feel the same way?"

Here's a little issue with him, if he's into you then he's going to ask you out. You know why? A guy who flirts with women isn't shy. Flirts are usually confident and they go after what they want. Rather he's been flirting with other girls too.

3. He's never jealous at all

Jealousy is pretty. Even friends get jealous when a new person joins the clique so if that guy–who you think is shy because he hasn't asked you out–never gets jealous when other guys are around you then there's a problem. He's not interested!

I'm not saying he should get into a fight with another guy because of you but he should be jealous. If he couldn’t care less, it’s one of the clues he’s not that into you.

4. He doesn't try to hang out

If a guy loves being around you, he makes suggestions to hang out with you. He's excited to be around you, to hear your thoughts about what's happening around you, and to get to know the real you.

If he has excuses as to why he can't hang out with you every time, then I see no reason why you're hung upon him. It's time to move because he's not into you.