Five Signs Your New Partner Might Be A Catfish

Meeting someone new is so much fun. You talk to them for hours, chat with them and go out on dates. But it’s simple because you know what they look like.

What if this new “person” is someone you met on social media? How can you tell they are as perfect as they portray themselves? We’ve all heard the catfishing horror stories and anyone can fall in love with catfish. I’m not saying you’re not smart, but people make mistakes and I’m not going to let you. That’s why I’ve created tested and proven tips to let you know your new partner might be a catfish.

1. Things are going too fast:

Don’t you just wonder why someone who hasn’t met you before quickly tells you they love you? I bet they’ll convince you time doesn’t matter and what matters is how they feel. Sincerely, time does matter when it comes to meeting people online. If your new catch tells you they are in love within a few days then this is a sign your partner might be a catfish. They only want to gain your trust and telling you they’ve fallen in love is a good way.

2. They don’t want to talk on the phone or video chat:

I’m not going to ask you to jump to the conclusion that your “new catch” is catfish but think about it “why won’t they talk to you on the phone?” I get it, some people are insecure about their outlook but a phone call is another option but they keep shooting down the idea, giving so many excuses. I’d be wary if I were you.

3. They have few followers and their social media account looks off:

Have you ever stumbled on a profile of someone who hardly has pictures, little activities going on or it’s empty? Well, something isn’t right. To make things worse, their profile picture is either a celebrity’s or looks too professional.

4. They ask for money:

This is the ultimate sign that you are in a relationship with a catfish! They don’t want to talk to you on the phone, video chat but they are comfortable taking money from you? DO NOT GIVE them your money and NEVER give out your bank information.

👀 Meeting someone new is fun, especially if they have a “beautiful profile picture (you aren’t sure it’s even them). But you need to protect yourself and the only way to do that is to watch out for these signs.