9Lokknine Charged Again for Attempted Second-Degree Murder

A Florida based rapper, Jacquavius Smith, popularly referred to as 9Lokknine, has been charged again for attempted second-degree murder. The rapper was accused of firing bullets into an occupied apartment alleged to be owned by another rapper in July 2020, though no one was hurt with the attempt.

According to Florida's new state attorney, five counts of attempted second-degree murder were filed against the young rapper, who is gradually becoming a controversial figure. Just in November, the rapper was accused of being the target in a shooting spree between two rival gangs. The following month, Jacquavius was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted fellow.

Since the age of 15, the teenage rapper has had a long list of court appearances, prison sentences, and allegations for serious crimes. The attempted second-degree murder case also involved an accomplice of the rapper called "Ballpark," who was sighted by a member of the house shot as one of the shooters.