6 Things That Are Killing Your Relationship

A relationship might seem perfect and positive. However, sometimes you might be mistakenly feeling it’s good when there’s already a problem. Sadly, a lot of us have certain habits that your habits can cause problems in our relationship.

Here are things you are doing that are killing your relationship:

1. When you criticize your partner constantly

You have every right to complain when your partner keeps doing things you don’t like but if you keep attacking each of their decisions, arguing with your partner, or just being plain nasty, then you are killing your relationship and it’s only a matter of time before it ends.

2. Always criticizing yourself

At times, we criticize ourselves without realizing these imperfections are only visible to us. Your partner might not even see these things you are insecure about so if you are always talking about your flaws and bringing yourself down before you know it, your partner catches on and starts thinking the same about you.

3. Thinking only your opinion is valid

If you’ve been single for quite some time you will have this habit. This is because you’ve formed the habit of deciding things based on your opinion alone. So when you are in a relationship listening to your partner’s opinion might seem strange but that’s one of the killers of a relationship. For your relationship to be healthy you need to listen to your partner’s opinion just like they need to listen to yours too.

4. Being too judgmental of everyone around you

Complaining about everyone constantly can get annoying. I mean it’s completely normal to notice something bad about someone but when you form the habit of always doing, you might be hurting your relationship. Your partner will see you as a negative person to avoid.

5. Always too perfect

No one is perfect and when you keep trying to be perfect it will hurt your relationship. You can’t always show your good side to your partner every time not only does it seem pretentious, it is certain resentment will build up inside you and lead to a huge outburst in the future. You have every right to express your displeasure about something your partner did.

6. Recalling all past mistakes

When you keep recalling every past mistake in your relationship, it will lead to new conflicts. If you have any issue with your partner then it should be solved instantly instead of letting things bottle up for a long time. This is why it is wrong to try to always be the perfect partner in your relationship.