4 Signs that Show You’re Dating The Wrong Person

You can’t choose who we fall in love with and honestly, that problem has ruined a lot of things. Although you can choose what you want to do with those feelings, you can’t force yourself to have feelings for someone, and stopping yourself from being in love with someone is even more difficult. As I said, this situation has ruined a lot of things because it never really ends well.

So if you’re questioning your relationship and you are wondering if you are with the right person then this post is for you.

4 Signs that Show You’re Dating The Wrong Person:

1. You’ve complained about some issues but things don’t change

Everyone wants a “type” of guy or girl but are they the right person? Are you hoping your partner will change over time? If that’s the case then you are in for a heartache. When you are in a healthy relationship, it’s normal to express your concerns about an issue but when nothing ever changes it’s because you think if you keep explaining your feelings, they’ll change. No, they won’t because you’ve tried your best but you’re still hoping you can “change them.” Sooner or later, you’ll need to consider ending this relationship.

2. You’re doing things you won’t normally do

If you are the type of person that practices self-care such as exercising, meditating, and reading but you suddenly change because you are in a relationship then maybe this person just isn’t right for you. I know blaming people for your problems is wrong but if the reason you changed these healthy lifestyles is that you want to seem compatible with your partner then… they are the wrong person for you.

3. Your partner never apologizes

It’s okay when people who are in a relationship disagree about an issue but how you respond to such disagreement will determine if your relationship is right for you or not. If your partner does something to hurt you and they won’t apologize for no matter how you tell them your feelings then they are wrong for you. Saying “I’m sorry” are two simple words that show you take responsibility for your actions. If your partner can’t take responsibility then there is no way they can change.

4. You overthink every time you want to tell your partner about an issue

As much as it’s important to watch what you say to your partner so you won’t hurt them, being scared of expressing your feelings about an issue is a red flag. You always don’t want to disappoint your partner even if they are doing something terrible to you; you are always afraid of how they would react. If this is what you struggle with within your relationship then it’s time to reconsider this relationship.