4 Creative Ways To Generate New Ideas

You are usually a creative person but something is missing. The question “what changed” keeps popping in your head.

Don't beat yourself up because of that. Ideas rarely disappear. It's right there in your mind, it pops up daily in your head but you've brushed these ideas aside for too long. You're in luck because I have four creative ways to generate new ideas.

1. Think of new ideas daily

I have a feeling you are already thinking “my mind is blank and that's why I'm here.” But I don't believe that. One of the best ways to create one or two ideas is to think of multiple ideas.

Pick five topics and generate two ideas from each. To make things much simpler, don't dwell too long on each idea.

Doing this every day will strengthen your idea-generation muscles which means you're strengthening your brain.

2. Write them in a journal

Everyone should own a journal, including you. Writing down daily entries in a cute book isn't just for kids. You should keep a journal to record the daily ideas you generate.

Imagine what would happen if you keep thinking of brilliant ideas but you keep forgetting them? That's what a journal is for—to record your thoughts and ideas.

3. You need to read books

There's no way you can be creative without reading a book. Some people are lucky to think of new things but if you get closer to them, you'll realize they read. So get some books on kindle, go to your local library or find an online platform like Wattpad to register. Remember the goal is to read, but while doing so take notes of the books you are reading. The notes will come in handy later.

4. Surf the internet or visit forums

There's hardly anyone who doesn't own a laptop or a phone that's connected to the internet. Don't just drop your phone somewhere and stare at the ceiling. Google is a nice place to find ideas so google things about topics that draw you. Set a time every day or three times a week to do this. Another great idea is to visit forums about your favorite topics.

Always have this at the back of your mind: Ideas are the key to innovation. If everyone before you never brainstormed for new ideas, we will all be stuck in the world with no technology. New ideas are important if you want to improve and if you've tried these creative ways to generate new ideas but it doesn't work, then nothing beats a good evening stroll.