Nicki Minaj Defends Her New Man

American rapper, Nicki Minaj became a talking point on the internet in regards to her relationship with her new boyfriend, Kenneth. Ken has a record of incarceration for a sex offense back in the 1990s. This has sparked a controversy on the internet and many Nicki fans and non-fans have reacted to the relationship between Nicki Minaj and the ex-convict. The rapper, however, does not seem to be bothered as she took to defend her lover.

Petty’s Conviction Record

The 40-year-old boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, named Kenneth “Zoo” Petty was convicted of attempted rape in the year 1995. “Zoo” had tried to use a sharp object to rape a minor he was in a relationship with. Being a minor too, he was tried by the New York Criminal Justice Service and this sex offense landed him in a New York state prison where he served a four-year sentence for his crime. After serving time for the sex offense, Petty was again charged with a first-degree manslaughter for shooting to death a certain Mr. Lamont Robinson. He went back to prison in the year 2006 for a 7-year jail term. He was in 2013 but was under supervision for another 5 years. Mr. Petty’s criminal record has made many wonder why Nicki Minaj would be in a relationship with someone with a violent past.

Nicki Giving Petty all the Support

The American rapper recently spoke out on the issue and chose to support her boyfriend. Being aware of Kenneth’s past as they both hail from Queens, she explained concerning the attempted rape that “He was 15, she was 16…in a relationship” suggesting he was being childish. She continued “But go awf internet. Y’all can’t run my life. Y’all can’t even run y’all own life.” Nicki used that statement to clap back at critics and trolls. It would be interesting to remember that has in the past stood by Daniel Hernandez (a rapper with the stage name 6ix9ine) and her brother Jelani who have both committed sexually related offenses with minors.

Nicki recently took to Instagram to share intimate pictures of her and her boyfriend as she celebrated her 36th birthday. She captioned one of the pictures with a statement that reads: “Oh! They wanna talk? Let’s give’m ‘something’ to talk about.” She truly is unbothered with what people have to say as she turned off the comment section on her Instagram.