5 Reasons Why We Love Meek Mill’s Championship Album

Meek Mill has had his fair share of troubles in the last few years both in his personal and professional life with the highlight being his incarceration after his relationship with Nicki Minaj crumbled. However, he has risen like a "boss,' and released what is arguably one of the biggest hip-hop album 2018, and in this article, we will be taking you through 5 reasons why we love Meek Mill's championship.

1. Musical Growth and production

Meek Mill has proved that growth comes through continuous effort. He's always been a good rapper, but on this album, you sense you're listening to greatness. From the amazing intro with it's Phil Collins' sample to the last track, the use of amazing samples and production is evident. Even the Spanish beat on "uptown vibes" seemed tailored to his voice. He never goes off beat on his delivery

 2. Maturity

Listening to albums, you sometimes ask "why did I listen to this?" This album completely answers this by being delightful and educative. Meek's recent prison experience must have changed him. There's a maturity to his subject matter on tracks like "100 summers", "trauma," "What's free." He sees flaws in the justice system as it relates to blacks and having suffered these injustices, instead of feeling like a victim, he uses these to educate his fans.

 3. Songwriting and storytelling

Great Rap is often judged on so many technicalities. Metaphors, flow, quality of bars, ability to link ideas have made some of the best rappers stand out. The lyricism on most of the songs are brilliant and songs like "Championship," "Trauma," "Cold Hearted II" show rap storytelling at its best. Putting in work has never looked so good.

 4. The Old Meek never died!

Meek Mill's true fans know he's all about the streets, partying and women. On songs, like "Respect the game," "Tic tac toe," "splash warning," he shows he has something for everyone. The thing is with how good these songs are; you can vibe to them even if you don't roll that way.

 5. Drake feud

Rap beef is a staple of the rap culture and has produced a lot of classic tracks. One of the most publicized feuds is Drake and Meek Mill's. To be honest, it was entertaining and produced some of the best beef tracks of the decade, but calling it off and having a song to celebrate this new friendship feels golden and their song "Going Bad" is one of the best songs on this album.

In conclusion, this album feels like a coming of age album and proves that Meek Mill belongs with the top rappers at the moment. He feels like the voice for the new generation and slowly, (he won't like this though) he's becoming a conscious rapper.