What have you been reading online? What have you been telling yourself? Words are powerful, and they can destroy or make you. I always wanted to be rich. I always knew about the latest Lamborghini, but there was something wrong with me. Something that hindered me and made me lose focus on my goals. I was always afraid to take the big step; I was always afraid of taking the risk. My inner fear had me on lockdown.

I believe somebody who is reading this article is saying to himself/herself, that’s me you are talking about. You keep making plans, but you can’t actualize it because you are afraid. You are close to success, but you can’t see yourself actualizing it because your inner fear is getting the better of you. Do you keep asking yourself questions such as; What if I fail? What if he/she leaves me? What if I fail my exams? How do I survive with no help or money? Hey! I have been there, and I know how it feels to be downcast. Being downcast is no sin but refuse to remain down, pick up yourself and forge ahead.

Just like me, I refused to stay down, and you can do the same. Stop allowing your inner fear hold you on lockdown. Listen, if you don’t conquer your inner fear, your inner fear will tear the blueprint of your future.

  • Accept the inner fear. You can only overcome fear when you recognize its presence

  • Start investing in a self-help program

  • Start listening to positive audios/books that will motivate you

  • Speak positive words to yourself always.

  • Create a pathway to success and start actualizing them one by one.

  • Speak out and seek help. Always remember you are not alone.

Instead of going downhill and letting your fears hold you down, you can practice these simple points and move yourself to a state of conquering your fears.

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